Templates, Shortcuts and Practical Ideas

Included in Counselor's Toolbox...a REAL Toolbox!

Fall Classroom Visit about College Applications (Seniors)
Mid-year Wisdom Gathering from Seniors for Juniors
Scavenger Hunt for Juniors...Finding what you need to know and what you didn't know you needed to know!
Mock Admissions Game  Grades 9-10
Advice from Seniors to Juniors
Campus Visit Form
What are You Looking For in a College?
Career Journeys are a Winding Roads
Common Mistakes on Applications
Interview Questions
Job Hunting
Senior Panel Visits Junior Classes
Senior Year (Spring)
Seniors (Spring)  Adjusting to College Life
Student Resume Template
Thank You Note Reminder
Parent Questionnaire for Recommendation Writing
Comparing Colleges
How to Request Teacher Recommendations
Organizing Checklist
Student Questionnaire
Banner Project
Early Decision or Early Action?
Invitation to Colleges for Panel Night
Letter to Parents Regarding SAT Accommodations
Selectivity Reality Check
Turn-in Checklist
Applications Tracking
First Interview with Junior
PSAT Letter to Junior and Sophomore Parents
PSAT School Generated Admission Ticket
Sign Up to See College Representative
Gathering Teacher’s Comments
School Staff are Also Resources
FAFSA and  Profile Nuts and Bolts
College Fair Permission Slip
Next Year’s Plans
Student Release of Acceptances
Gap Year Programs
Handy Websites for Counselors
Templates for Career Day Planning

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