Welcome to Counselor's Toolbox Fourth Edition

Unique time saving templates, guides and ideas for educators.  No need to re-invent the wheel when you have Counselor's Toolbox!

3 Powerful Tools! Scores of new materials to make your job easier. Over 250 pages of tried-and-true activities, tips and organizers.  Customize these Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents with your own logos and edit as you wish.

Secondary School Counselors and other helping professionals can enjoy the convenience and assistance of these three distinct tools for many of the things they do each year.  Counselor's Toolbox Fourth Edition offers a fresh approach and time-saving ideas for assisting students.

Part I: Templates, Shortcuts and Practical Ideas
A great starting guide which contains scores of new ideas and approaches to planning for students, parents and staff at the secondary level. Also, unique ways to maximize the resources right in our midst are suggested. Many organizers are included students, parents and counselors. The list...(click here).

Part II: Writing Letters of Recommendation  Available a la carte for $25.00
Dynamic sample letters provided, sorted by student strengths for easy reference. More than 70 are included to help support students making post-high school plans. Categories: Simply Great Kids, Bright but Weak Effort, Late Bloomers, Great Minds, Learning Differences, Movers and Shakers and more (click here).

Part III: PowerPoint Presentations for Group Counseling Classes
Stay on track when presenting to groups.  Each of these 14 presentations has been field-tested. Audiences of students, parents and teachers have been able to see, not only hear, what they need to know. Thumbnail printouts can also be distributed to absentees and attendees alike. The list includes: (click here).

Order by  11/30/20 and receive the College Planning ActionBook for Students and Parents, FREE! ($40 Value).  This will be sent as an email attachment once your order is received.

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