PowerPoints for Counseling Events

Each PowerPoint can be customized to reflect your own ideas and practices.  Just save each to your hard drive and add pages, information and graphics according to your needs.

For Parents

• The College Process
• Orientation to High School
• Financial Aid Overview

For Staff

• Transition to College for Students with Learning Differences
• Writing Letters of Recommendation

Grade Nine

• Freshmen Welcome
• Study Skills
• Transitioning to High School

Grade Ten

• Sophomore Welcome
• Post-Secondary Planning
• Introduction to Tech-Prep
• Personality Type and Learning Style
• PSAT Prep

Grade Eleven

• Junior Welcome
• College Admission Process
• Junior College Planning
• Introduction to Tech-Prep
• PSAT Prep

Grade Twelve

• College Planning
• Writing the Admissions Essay
• Financial Aid Overview


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